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21 April

Alliance Française des Seychelles

Island: Mahé
Location: Bois de Rose Avenue,PO Box 210,Victoria,Mahé
Tel: +248 4 28 24 24


The Alliance symbolises a French nation which is universal and constantly moving forward. For more than a century the Alliance Française has devoted itself to the work of spreading the French language to all four corners of the world. An ever increasing number of students from all parts of the world have been going to the Alliance Française school in the heart of Paris. Similarly, a network of associations set up throughout the world, and with the benefit of the Alliance name behind them, is bringing the French language to the public of many different countries. This exceptional longevity and vitality of the Alliance Française springs in part from the close links which have been established with the authorities, the people and the sponsors in the host countries, as well as with the government of France.