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24 May


No matter your tastes, there are a number of events coming up in the region that you are sure to be interested in:

Seychelles China Day

Date: Thursday 8th February - 10th February 2018
Location: At Mahe, Seychelles
Categories: Tourism

Organiser's Contact Details

Name: Ministry of Tourism and Culture
Tel: +248 273 02 24 / 271 65 51


The festival, which will be held starting from the 8th to 10th February 2018 coincides with the Chinese New Year celebrations, celebrates the cultural and historical links between the two nations.

Today, Seychellois of Chinese origin form part of a large community and are represented in all sectors of society.

Seychelles-China Day is celebrated over 2 days & organised by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Chinese Ambassy and Chinese community.

The Chinese Spring Festival, which marks the passing of the Chinese New Year, is one of China’s most important holiday periods of the year, seeing a colorful cacophony of celebrations in China and in places containing Chinese populations all around the world.

Chinese merchants and traders first arrived in the 115-island archipelago situated in the western part of the Indian Ocean as long as 150 years ago, contributing their fair share to the development of the Creole culture in Seychelles.

The island nation is descended mainly from African slaves freed on the islands by the British, as well as Europeans, Indians and the Chinese.

It is to celebrate and recognise the historical links to China as one of the branches that make up the Creole nation today.

Seychelles China Day

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