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24 April


Island: Praslin Island
Location: Côte d'Or, Praslin
Tel: +248 2 51 22 98
Fax: +248 4 23 23 62


How about having the best fishing and snorkeling experience of your life in the clear warm waters of Seychelles with Edwin aboard Barracuda! He is just the right person to show you the best way of appreciating the wonders of the ocean. You can even visit the pristine islands close to Praslin, the second largest island after Mahé. From there you can have the best Creole BBQ lunch with your own catch. You won’t want to miss a chance like this; so when you come to Seychelles and want to know what our beautiful ocean has to offer you, the person to see is Edwin!


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Rates start from:
- Fishing Euro 400
- Boat Hire Euro 600

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