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19 April

Granite Boulder, La Digue

Island: La Digue
Location: L'Union Estate, La Digue
Tel: +248 4 23 42 40
Fax: +248 4 23 40 05


This natural wonder forms part of L’Union Estate and is classified as a National Monument. Covering an acre of land at Anse L’Union on the west coast of the island of La Digue, it is by any standards an impressive monolith. The granite boulder was formed during the Precambrian, around 750 million years ago, by the slow cooling of molten rocks (magma) deep within the earth’s crust which gave it its especially large crystals. The granite boulder of Anse L’Union is a spectacular piece of natural sculpture brought forth from the womb of mother nature, its magnificent shape due to its long exposure to the sculpting forces of nature. Text credit: “National Monuments of Seychelles” by National Heritage.


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Entrance fee:
~ Adult = SCR100 per person
~ Children = Free

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