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25 May

Port Launay Coastal Wetlands

Island: Mahé
Location: Port Launay, Mahé


Seychelles first Ramsar site, designated on the 22nd of November 2004 is the "Port Launay Coastal Wetlands" (Port Glaud Wetlands), which has a surface area of 121 hectares in Port Glaud District. The Port Launay Coastal Wetlands is one of the best mangrove wetlands found on the main island, Mahé, supporting all seven species of mangrove in the region. The mangroves along the coast help to stabilize the shoreline, and the upland parts of the site, granitic areas with high drainage, play an important role in the local hydrology. The coastal area provides ideal habitat for spawning, nursery, feeding and cover for fish, and is also home to some of Seychelles endemic species such as Goujon (Seychelles Killifish), and the freshwater fish Macanbale. The habitat provided by the site is believed to be important for the little-known Seychelles sheath-tailed bat, known from only four active cave-roosts, one of which occurs in the local area, and for the endemic Seychelles flying fox, both critically endangered species. Feeder Rivers running into the wetland have several endemic crayfish. Fishermen use the site for octopus collection. The site is often used for educational activities for school children, especially around World Wetlands Day.

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