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25 May

Trezor Labuze

Island: Mahe
Location: Bel Ombre
Tel: 2580092


Guided Tour of the Famous Treasure site of the 18th Century French Pirate Olivier Le Vasseur know as la Buse.Visitors will be invited to view a portion of the site with some of the cut stones that have been removed from it,as well as several artefacts found in the Treasure Hunt.

These cut stones and artefacts as well as demarcations have been left behind as clues by the pirate to lead the treasure hunter towards the carvern in which lies the Fabulous hoard which consists of the Fiery cros of Goa,religious artefacts,uncut diamonds and gold coins.

The Tour is carried out by an authorized tour guide and lasts for 30-45 mins and includes a lecture on the History of the site and Pirate.



Price Guide

SCR 100 per person

Opening Hours

6 days a week from 10am to 2pm

Payment Methods

Only cash payments accepted.