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26 February

Seybrew Lager

Island: Mahé
Location: PO Box 273, Le Rocher
Tel: +248 4 38 26 00
Fax: +248 4 38 26 80


Since its birth in June 1972, SeyBrew has become the firm favourite of Seychellois and visitors to our shores with a taste for distinctive beers.

Brewed with only the finest malt and hops chosen from all over the world, water from our rivers, combined with the skills of our very own Seychellois brewers, SeyBrew is a totally overwhelming Seychelles experience.

SeyBrew is available ice-cold in glass bottles from most retail shops and bars on the islands and alternatively in draught format from some selective bars and hotels - the ideal beer refreshment as you enjoy our warm and sunny climate.

Live the Seychelles experience fully - Enjoy SeyBrew responsibly!

~ SeyBrew is brewed, bottled and marketed by Seychelles Breweries Ltd.
~ Seychelles Breweries Ltd was inaugurated in 1973 and in 1993 became a branch of Diageo Plc in a friendly take-over of majority
~ Diageo Plc is the world’s leading alcoholic beverage company – learn more about Diageo Plc at